So I'm listening to a playlist and a song came on the had a memory attached to it that I totally forgot.

So my family is musically talented. My brother and I both have music degrees and our mom has perfect pitch. Literally, she'd correct my playing from the kitchen "Jared, that's A-flat in the alto, not A natural."  


Because of this, we were often booked to do various concerts. I made a lot of side money singing at weddings and funerals and valentines day things. So one time my mom and I got booked for a wedding. It was good money, nearly $500 for 2 songs. $250 for a couple hours of work sounded good to me, so I agreed. there was only one problem:

I didn't think about how awkward it was singing romantic music with your mother.  We were asked to sing "Just a Kiss" by Lady Antebellum. It's a good song, but I'd much rather have sang it with someone I didn't know. Still, we were professional and killed it. I had forgotten about it until JUST THIS VERY MOMENT when the song came on and the memory came flooding back.'s still embarrassing, but I got paid so there's that.

Ooh, that's another thought. I feel like I should get back into the gig again; there is good money to be made, and I have an excellent range and breadth.