This is pretty much like my last post - This post right here.

If you are an accepted Guardian and you have not received an email from the Head Guardians about our Discord server, please reach out to me ASAP. We hope to send email reminders to the folks who have not authenticated their Discord invite sometime in the next few days.

You have NOT missed any super imperative updates. We are all still in the planning process. No schedules or teams or weird changes have been announced - BUT we want you all to be ready to receive such news, so getting you all up-to-date with this email is going to help with that.

Before you reach out to me, please check all of your email tabs. Check your spam. Check your trash. The email might be there!

Let's get a little personal.

*pulls up a chair*

Now, this is new and different for all of us. The new RT site does not accommodate private groups and forums, so we had to come up with an alternative.

We are also in a weird position with my recent full time job for Lionbridge at Microsoft/Xbox - this means that our email and message response time is much longer than in the past. I passionately apologize for this, but it does go to show how much time I was spending on RTX when I was unemployed. We are currently looking at response times being about a week. Your patience is greatly appreciated while all 3 Head Guardians juggle full time jobs and RTX duties and these new communication spaces we are trying to implement. Also, our Discord team and information conversion teams are in similar circumstances: full time jobs, family duties, and so on. We are ALL volunteers and are doing what we can with what little free time we have. <3 

Thanks, peeps.