*Caboose voice* Hello.

My name is Austin and I'm a director on Red vs. Blue 17.

That still feels weird to say. The emphasis on that sentence is on the A. As in one of multiple. Or one of two in this case; Josh and I are playing hot potato with each episode (I'm running the odd numbered ones!) and we of course have the amazingly British Jason Weight writing for the season, keeping us on our toes.

Now I'm sure the questions on your mind all start with "Who-" and end with "-the fudge are you?" The answer to that takes us all the way back to 2015 (insert time travel joke).

I was a community member back then, and at some point my fellow RT-fan-friends and I got the idea to blatantly rip off RTAA, but in machinima (mostly bc we couldn't draw for shit). We'd take our favorite RT Podcast arguments or On The Spot bits and machinimate them in GTA V. After a few of those went up, Gray reached out and we started producing them specifically for RT as the Minimations: Straight Outta RT series for about a year. That volleyed into coming on down to Austin for the start of RvB15 and I've been part of the machinima team since. So that's who I am, I'm one of the machinima dudes. Man, I could've just said that, huh?

All of this to say, I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity. It still doesn't feel like it's real, and just about every day I have a moment where I space out during a VO session or mid-headbob and expect to wake up from an elaborate dream. But until that inevitably happens, I'll be busting my ass to make sure I not only live up to the crazy-high bar this show has set over the last 16 years, but also to the standards of all y'all. (Look ma, I'm becoming a Texan!)

Blah! Anyway, let's talk about this season. The universe is fucked and it's up to Donut to save it. I would say more, but the first episode literally comes out this weekend and I don't want to ruin anything. Saying it's a wild ride would be putting it lightly. It's like if a roller coaster loopty-looped into a time vortex and came out in a universe where all footsteps were replaced with explosions and all explosions were just bigger explosions. As the scripts came in, there were so many times when I thought I found my new favorite Sarge-ism, only to immediately be topped in the next episode... although my favorite line this season belongs to Simmons (you'll know it when you hear it). We have some really good character moments coming up as we travel on through the RvB universe.

Speaking of, we ended the last season in a really weird place. The Reds and Blues are reliving their lives from the very beginning of the series, but goddamn do those graphics look different. For reasons that you'll see pretty early on in, we changed some things machinima-wise and aren’t going to be filming in Halo 2 Anniversary this season like we teased in the last moments of S16. Instead we’ve switched to... something(s) else. I'll leave it there to not ruin any more surprises. We felt that this was the BEST way to get the BEST feeling out of this BEST season of RvB ever... of all BEST.

(I'm trying to use subliminal marketing techniques. Is it workBESTing?)

So, to recap, I'm Austin and I'm a director on this kickass, time-bending, Donut-stuffed season of RvB. I can't wait for you all to see what we've been stressing about for the last few months.