Holy hell, Red vs. Blue is back!

It’s crazy to think that this show has gone on for 17 seasons, and I have now been a part of it for six of those. If you don’t know who I am, allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Josh Ornelas, and I am one of your directors for Red vs. Blue, Singularity.

I remember it like yesterday when I first joined Rooster Teeth to help Miles Luna and Kyle Taylor breathe life into Red vs. Blue Season 12; we then went to tackle the behemoth that was Season 13 and tied a nice bow on what was the Chorus Trilogy. I somehow tricked some people into letting me direct some episodes in Season 14 (Orange is the New Red, Invaders from Another Mother, Fight the Good Fight!, Grey vs Gray, Head Cannon, Co-Direct on Red vs Blue: The Musical) and I guess everybody liked it? I also managed to end up meeting our beloved Reds and Blues as well!


(Red vs. Blue - Season 14 Episode 24)

Fast forward to now: Season 15 and 16 were led by the super talented writer/director Joe Nicolosi. Armed to the teeth with an insane story and about twelve billion movie references, Joe led us all on a journey that could only be completed with blood, sweat, and tears (mostly tears). Upon finishing the seasons, drinks and cheers were had, but unfortunately Joe was either abducted by aliens, or went to work on other projects (not sure which) and left the task of finishing the story he started to the Season 16 co-writer, Jason Weight.

With the extremely well-dressed Jason Weight now writing (who’s crushin’ it by the way), I somehow managed to trick people into letting me direct again, alongside one of our newer members, Austin Clark (helped during S15-S16, worked on Minimations Straight Outta RT). The dynamic of the new boys Jason and Austin, and my old, irritable ‘been-around-the-block’ lookin'-ass, proves to be a fun one, and it definitely pokes through and shines in our episodes for this upcoming season.

With my brief history of RvB production out of the way, I’d like to encourage all of you to check out Red vs. Blue, Singularity this Saturday! Donut has to save the universe, and to do it, he has to go on a wild and excellent adventure unlike anything Red vs. Blue has seen before! Everyone on the team, from machinima, editorial, sound, animation, producers, comp, etc, worked super hard to bring you something that we could all be proud of, and something that everyone can enjoy, so please, enjoy it!

Seriously though, how do they let me keep directing? This gives me anxiety.

It’s probably less anxiety than losing a 10,000 dollar game of Tetris I guess..

Josh Ornelas