TL;DR - We’ve got flight deals with oneworld alliance for RTX 2019!


Hey everyone. It’s your resident community member turned events coordinator, George, with another RTX update.

I’m excited to announce that oneworld alliance and Rooster Teeth have partnered to provide discounted airfare to RTX via participating carriers.

One of the things we’ve heard from you is the desire for flight deals in addition to the hotel deals we provide. Although we have announced this already, I wanted to make sure there was a dedicated place for information. Here’s what you need to know to get in the air and en route to Austin.

What is the oneworld alliance?

oneworld is an airline alliance (group of airlines that work together to better facilitate air travel among their brands) made up of 13 global airlines. The carries who have agreed to help us out are:

  • American Airlines

  • British Airways

  • Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

  • Finnair

  • Iberia Airlines

  • Japan Airlines

  • LATAM Airlines Group S.A.

  • Malaysia Airlines

  • Qantas Airways Limited

  • Qatar Airways Company, Q.C.S.C

  • Royal Jordanian Airlines

  • Sri Lankan Airlines

How much is the discount and how do I get it?

Discounts range between 5%-25% and can only be accessed through the booking portal using the code OW25A19. While you can do multiple transactions, you can only purchase a maximum of 2 tickets per transaction.

Discount percentages are applicable to fares in the main cabin or higher. In other words, anything above the basic economy is eligible for a discount. The booking portal won’t show any basic economy options so anything you see will be an eligible discounted fare.

The exact discount amount depends on the fare, originating location, and selected airline. All of these options can be changed during booking.

What about people whose preferred airline isn’t listed?

If you have an airline you like that’s outside the oneworld alliance, that’s okay. We, unfortunately, don’t have deals for outside carriers, but we encourage you to do what’s best for you. Whether you’d prefer to fly basic fares, budget airlines, or a separate major carrier entirely, we understand. This is simply another, potentially cheaper option.

What if we already purchased our flight?

If you already purchased your flight, good for you! You’re ahead of the game and probably got a reasonably priced flight regardless. These discounts cannot be retroactively added.

We understand flights, just like hotels can be a prohibiting factor in a lot of people’s plans for RTX. That’s why we work hard to build partnerships and cultivate deals to help alleviate some of that financial strain. The more the deals are used, the better we can understand and improve in the future. We encourage you to do more research and do what’s best for you, but don’t forget that there are things in place to help if you need it.

So, quick recap:

Portal -

Event Code - OW25A19

Discount Rate - 5%-25%

Ticket Quantity - Maximum 2 per transaction

Until next time, cheers!