What:  RTX fun times with the OCC

Where: Uhm, RTX, duh

Why: Because, fuck you, that’s why?

How: Wait, now we’re getting a little invasive, aren’t we?

Who: Your mom, that’s who!

Seriously, let’s try this again, ok?

What: The OCC RTX Austin Meetup

Where: The Fareground, 111 Congress Avenue

When: Friday, July 5th from 7-10pm

Who: No, seriously, your mom.

RTX Austin 2019 is rapidly approaching, and to keep up with the annual tradition, the largest active group on Rooster Teeth’s community site, The Oxford Comma Café, would like to invite you to their annual meetup!

This year, we’ll move the festivities to a lovely new spot called The Fareground. Located downtown at 111 Congress Avenue, this new spot is a great place to socialize, pick from several of Austin’s great new restaurants, and have a few tasty beverages.

Fareground is a new “food court” of sorts in downtown Austin.  When you head to the space, you’ll see the Wells Fargo building and think “Wait, am I being catfished? Great, not again!”

But, have no fear, there is a short walk downstairs to an air conditioned community area where you’ll see tables and the restaurants.  OCC admins will do their best to reserve as many tables as close together as possible.  When you arrive, introduce yourself, and be ready for a great night of RTX banter.

All are welcome, so we're excited to see you guys at RTX Austin 2019!