Long time no post! How is everyone?? 

So I have an interesting dilemma... For years, I've complained that I struggle with my studies, it's hard to concentrate, the courses hardly ever feel useful to the working life or the theories feel difficult to apply to anything... Master of Arts, English ('language expert', not a teacher programme = not qualified in teaching positions, anywhere, in Finland at least, and have no interest for such positions anyway). I have completed about ... 25 / 120 credits for my MA. If all goes according to plan and I pass all the courses I have now, I should get 20 credits from them... so then I'd be at 45 / 120 credits total. FYI, 5 credits is considered about 130 hours of work including lectures, home work, and assignments. 

To continue studying, I need to send in an application with a plan on what and when I aim to complete, and extension time is 2 years at a time. I need to apply before April 15.

But... Do I wanna? I keep saying this degree is utterly useless, but perhaps an MA degree in *anything* is better than nothing.... And like, I'm so close to the halfway mark, right? Getting a job and full-time one at that and a regular salary is not guaranteed if I drop out now... it's not guaranteed even after graduation, either. But.... yeah. I'm not exactly sure what to do. There's a few Communications classes I can (re)take, and then IT and courses related to my major.... What I really tread is writing the damn Thesis. I ... strongly dislike ... academic writing and referencing shit.

But... do I really have a choice..? lol................ As the honest truth is, I've no *outstanding* qualifications to show off with to get magically employed in such a short time. My personality and overall presence / appearance as of right now happens to be such that employers are not immediately fighting over me. I rarely get called in for interviews. Hell I rarely get a response at all to job applications.

So.... yeah. I dunno. Maybe I could take a break to try and work, and *later* complete my MA? I need to check if that's possible at all. I know it might look bad that I'm taking a break, that I didn't complete my studies.... but JFC I've been on the school bench since fokin' 1997, with a 'gap' year of working in 2011-2012 and then I got into university in 2012......... I've had odd jobs here and there since then, but .................... urgh. I kinda wanna be hard-headed about it and just continue, but it's a struggle when my interest and motivation in the courses just... vanishes.

But that makes me worry about employment as well. If I can't focus on my studies and lose interest in them, then why wouldn't the same happen with any job I get..? Or would / could it be different since there's a *direct* benefit - experience to the resume AND payment - that I could see (whereas with my studies, I can't see much benefit in them other than a fancy paper in the unforeseeable future)?


So anyways, since I struggle with studying alone, working + studying is NOT an option right now. :/ So my options currently are.... drop out and hunt for a job (I'm interested in events as an assistant, and I still do some translation work too), and complete MA later if allowed. Or, grit my teeth, continue studying, and therefore postpone employment by another 2 or 4 years again. =__=;;;

But well. Yeah. I'd personally love a break from this BS but ... is that... wise? There's a couple of places I can contact to find out more information about my options, but.... yeahhhhh HAPPY FRIDAY FROM JYU.