So I've made up my mind not to continue in JYU after this spring.

And since making that decision in my head and talking about it, been spotting opportunities for event volunteer positions - exactly the kind of stuff I wanna do more, and form a career out of it - not as a mere assistant, but as an organizer / coordinator. *nervous sweating* But the volunteer positions is, I think, a good start. Within the past week, I've sent 5 applications for volunteer positions: received replies to 2 so far, one place accepted me immediately, another said "Nahh" but I'm on 'the reserves' in case someone changes their mind. There's at least one more event I can think of that I can contact, and I'm sure even more will pop up!

I'll also start a job hunt for paid work once coursework is done for all the courses, as I wanna at least attempt to complete them.... That's all part of plan A. Event volunteering and jobbo hunt.

Plan B is to apply to other study places (JAMK, Gradia) for degrees that could direct me at least somewhat to the event stuff. This is in case I don't find a job soon enough, like, within 2 years.

Plan C version 1 is to suck it up and finish my English MA.

If finishing the MA *still* feels like too much of a chore, then plan C version 2 is start looking for opportunities outside JKL / Central Finland, work or study related, within 2 to 3 years' time.

Plan D version 1 is to look for opportunities outside Finland within 5 years' time.

Plan D version 2 is... suck it up and finish the damn MA within 5 years' time.

Plan E, which will be executed whenever I have the time during the other plans, is to write stories. It's always been my passion to write, but I allowed outward sources to sway me from that path so I've gotten somewhat insecure about it. "Not good enough" is probably the most common thought I have about my own writing, and constantly changing story lines in front of any new ideas just so I get to procrastinate about finishing a project.

The plans are not in chronological order by any means. This spring I'll already try to attempt to apply to JAMK and Gradia degrees, just to see what the entrance exams will be like, and if I get accepted in then alrights, good. I'll take it. If not, then I'll try again later. 

However if within 2 years, when I'll have to either extend or give up my time at the current apartment, I haven't got accepted to JAMK/Gradia or am not in paid regular employment, then it's time to move on to plan C. Version 2 probably requires moving out of JKL/Central Finland, but that's just something that just has to be done heh... And within 5 years, it's time for plan D~! Of course if an opportunity comes up for any part of the plan earlier than planned, thennnn go for it!

That email I got earlier from JYU.... really was the push I've wanted and needed and asked for a long time lol. Other options ARE out there besides this degree, and I'm going to explore those now.

The same post, albeit slightly shorter, is on Instagram, with a photo from my bullet journal notebook (goddamn bujo has helped me a lot in the past 2 months or so in figuring things out and organizing how I use my time better):