So I got tapped to do a really cool thing next week. I am getting to fly with our Senior Vice President to University of Michigan and talk about how awesome our company is to work for. I am BY FAR the least senior person on this trip, so its a little daunting, but they wanted someone 'young' and 'vibrant' and someone who can relate with college age human beings.

If you would have asked me this five years ago, I would have said that I was all of these things, but now...I'm starting to feel a little older now. It is a morose feeling, to realize the chapters of your life are passing by and are becoming distant memories. I was in college when the Twin Towers came down.  I watched the OJ Simpson chase live. I used to have to make sure no one picked up the phone because I was getting ready to get onto the world wide web.

Hanging out with all of you on this forum does help me, though. I get to have great interactions with people who are most decidedly a 'younger' generation. I feel like, though I have a few more miles on me than most of you, that I can share my life with you as peers, and hopefully my experience is helpful to you.

So, next week, when I'm wearing hipster wear (we call that Smart Casual in the biz) and I'm trying to relate to the best and brightest of tomorrow...I just hope I don't look like I'm trying.