Did you know that we have gatcha games about moe anthropomorphic battleships, guns, and even historical legends and heroes. Yet we do not have one about airplanes? Where am I suppose to go to get my fill of a cute F7F Tigercat? Or a sultry B2 Bomber? Or even a yandere SR-71 Blackbird? Someone get on making this! There's money to be had! Anyways, I'm not actually here to talk about the idea of a new gatcha game. I am going to be talking about anthropomorphized airplanes though, specifically ones ones that can be found in the anime Girly Air Force.

To be perfectly honest I'm not quite sure what I was expecting going into this anime, but I knew I had enjoyed Arpeggio of Blue Steel so I thought the two might be similar. The anime is all about this invading force known as Zai, who may not be as alien as they appear. They appeared out of no where, as a technology superior race happens to do, and started to decimate human settlements all across the globe. They made no attempts at conveying any demands or talking to humans at all, they were just hell bent on destroying our ability to travel via plane or ship. To this point they are introduce to us, attacking a fleet of refugees attempting to escape China that has fallen to the Zai.

This is when we meet our main protagonist, a young man by the name of Kei Narutani who in the past lost his mother to a Zai attack and has been forced to live with his closest and overbearing friend Minghua Song who also lost her parents. Luckily she has a deep crush on him, so it's not like there's about to be a huge life changing event that introduces a new waifu into Kei's life. Like for instance a fighter jet that saves his ass from being killed by a Zai, crash landing in the water nearby, and revealing a cute girl to be the pilot who latches onto Kei like a facehugger and gives him a big ol smooch. Oh wait, that actually happens, right.

Well due to that event Kei becomes obsessed with wanting to learn of who that girl was, likely because that was his first kiss and by anime standards that means she is destined to bare his children, but never the less he just so happens to spot the very same fighter jet from before being taken to a military base. Against the wishes of Minghua, whose thot senses were tinglingly, he tries to sneak into the base only to be captured by men in black suits and interrogated by anime Gabe Newell who calls himself Haruka Yashirodōri. Luckily for Kei this harassment upsets his jet wife, so Gabe gives up the gig and introduces Kei to his waifu, a young girl by the name of Gripen created by combing Zai technology with our own. A hybrid if you will, that for some reason are called daughters in this world.

Long story short these daughters, because more do show up, don't really know why the Zai are killing off humanity. At least not directly. From what I could gather, it seems the objective of the Zai is less 'total eradication' and more a 'population control'. Almost as if the Zai are created by Earth, which is a sentient somehow, and knows that its time to stem the growth. You know, like the Anti-Spirals in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. This is just an idea though, I've no definitive proof.

Aside from Gripen, the other daughters we meet are Eagle, Phantom, Viper Zero, and Rhino. Eagle is the blond bimbo who likes to fight, Phantom is the tactical and cool headed one, Viper Zero will look like whoever you hold most dear in your heart and talks like Celty from Durarara!!, and Rhino is the only daughter America has and sadly loses; because Americans are assholes who restricted her every movement so she gave in to the enemy. Poor Rhino.

The anime deals with things like how Kei can only withstand a lower number of Gs than the daughters can produce, but he compensates for making Gripen go slower by being her pilot and having her focus on being in control of weapons. There's also the hate that daughters get by some people, because before they see a cute waifu they see a gross hybrid made with parts of the enemy. And there's also this reoccurring bit where Kei goes deeper and deeper into the collective unconsciousness of the Zai, where he meets a competent Gripen who attempts time and time again to tell him the truth of everything but ends up going through a dead zone every time.

If you couldn't tell I wasn't terribly invested or impressed by Girly Air Force, it was a mediocre anime with a plot that failed to achieve liftoff. Had the anime focused more on this whole reason for why the Zai are attacking humanity, and cut back on the silliness injected between battles, maybe there might have been something interesting. I'm all for shows and series that feature humans on the losing side, but only because I've grown up watching things where in the end the humans prevail. They win, and I'm bored of that.

Genres: Action, Science Fiction

Animation: Studio Satelight lended their talents here, giving us an average animation with some really lackluster daughter designs. The aircraft are just recolored and shiny versions of their IRL counterpart, it was rather uninspired. There was also a big use of CG as the Zai are nothing but computer animations, looking like a creation of using those transparent LEGO pieces.

Voice Acting: Nothing of import to say here, it was average.

Favorite Character: None. Might have been Rhino, but she wasn't given much time to grow.

Girly Air Force gets a 5.4 out of 10