Hello everyone! 

We are very pleased to announce the Community Panels and Community Corner artists for RTX 2019! 

Community Panels (in no specific order): 

Community 102: The Next Steps hosted by @Cainrin


After Hours: A guide to Twitch Communities hosted by @DmitriMolotov & @Quix18

Body Positivity in the Gaming Community: Getting into the Thicc of It hosted by @ninacolada

Come As You Are: An Inclusivity Panel hosted by @axialvagabond

Extra Life: Lights, Camera, #ForTheKids! hosted by @ArnettV

Shaun Wuz Here: The Officially Unofficial Achievement Hunter Animated Panel hosted by @Shaunningham

Cosplayer vs Photographer: How to get the perfect shoot hosted by @KatsumiOgaku

Super Mario Bros. 2 & 3 Speedrun hosted by @gamer314

Meet the RWBYTubers! - VYTALCast hosted by @Davidov64

Starting, Growing, and Monetizing Your Podcast hosted by @BemusedWaffle

Community Corner Artists (in no specific order): 

Casey Sanders - @Mangoloo

Ryan Gossage - @Nailio

Cheyenne Stevenson - @Cheyenne

Thomas Ullmann - @MrWartburg

Dakota Ragland - @Dcode18

Sasha Vinogradova, Charlie Beckner, Shiya Go - @alexskyline @charliepaigeb @shiyaaa524

Lauren Yeatman - @laureny8man

Nikki Miller - @penichillin

Abby Lee - @ag_nonsuch

Corrin Forte - @lambency

Victoria Courtney - @Gaelfox

Cynthia Her - @synnesai

We are very excited to have these talented community members as part of our official RTX programming for this year. Please support them during RTX by attending their panels or visiting them at Community Corner. 

Much love!