29th of May is Fiery Flag day - and this year will be the 9th anniversary! Nine years since we burned the NATO of BvR flag to set off a hilarious war fought in Halo  laughing

This year, it falls on a Wednesday, so... difficult for a lot of people. So instead, it will take place on the date of the event the original was to celebrate: the Captain's birthday, Saturday the 1st of June. Xboxing isn't as easy for many Comrades in our increasingly capitalist world, some of us can't even get together the money to get their '360 online again, let alone buy an Xbone. But almost all of us has a desktop computer, right? Almost all of us has (or can download) Steam, right? There are many games that could be played together on the 1st via Steam, including plenty that are free.

I'll be hosting games that day - add me on Steam here and on Discord for the group call I'll start, as Jalnor#6346  wink

- Jalnor green_heart