As many of you know, last year we implemented a new security plan.  Safety of our attendees, Guardians, Special Guests, Exhibitors, and staff is our number one priority.  The security checkpoints consist of walk thru metal detectors, a bag checker, and Licensed Police Officers. Please read the map below for queuing info, checkpoint rules, and operation hours.


 star RTX Austin 2019 Security FAQ star

What will the security check entail once I get to the front of the line?

Once you arrive at the metal detectors, you will be asked to remove your bags/purses/etc. and remove everything from your pockets. A bag checker will inspect your bags and you will be asked to walk through the metal detector. Once you have been cleared, you may retrieve your items. If the metal detector is alarmed, a wander will provide a second search of yourself and belongings.

Why has RTX added so much security?

The most important part of RTX is always safety. We want to ensure all of our attendees, Guardians, special guests, exhibitors, and staff are safe at all times. Please be respectful to all security, Guardians, and RTX Staff as we are here to help you have a fun and safe weekend.

What are helpful DO’s and DONT’s?

  • Do wear your badge visibly at all times. You cannot get into RTX without it. Lose your badge? It can be replaced for $10.00 at Registration.

  • Do listen to the Guardians to ensure you are in the correct line.

  • Do prepare your belongings as you approach the walk-through metal detectors so that you can get through security as quickly as possible.

  • Don’t bring any weapons. RTX is an all-weapons-free event. This means both illegal weapons and licensed to carry weapons are prohibited at all times. BUT - If you have a cosplay weapon, you must visit the Weapons Check stations at Checkpoint 2 or Checkpoint 3 to get it approved.

  • Don’t try to cut the lines as you will be asked to leave.

  • Don’t bring large bags as these will cause longer waits.

If I leave the Austin Convention Center for lunch, or to attend a panel at another hotel, will I have to go back through security to enter?

Yes, everyone entering the ACC will have to go through the security checkpoint.

How long will the wait times be each morning?

Based on last year, we do not expect wait times longer than 5 minutes in the mornings. We highly encourage you to not bring large bags (bigger than 12”x12”) when possible and to be prepared as you get to the front of the security checkpoint. We also recommend you check out the RTX Animation Festival at the Fairmont for early morning panels and then head to the Austin Convention Center mid-day.

What should I expect from the weather while waiting to get through a security checkpoint at the ACC?

Looking at past weather averages for Austin in July, we anticipate temperatures to be in the high 70’s/low 80’s between 7:00 AM and 10:00 AM. Most of the checkpoints are under covered awnings. We also encourage you to wear hats, sunglasses  and wear sunscreen throughout the weekend.

How many metal detectors will there be this year?

Across all four checkpoints, there will be 15 total metal detectors.

Can I refuse to be screened by security personnel?

Yes, it is your choice to do so, but unfortunately, if you refuse to go through a walk thru metal detector, you will not be allowed into RTX.  If you refuse, a Licensed Police Office will ask you to leave. If you cause a disturbance of any sort, Austin Police Department will be called. Anyone requiring ADA access can enter at any of the four checkpoints, as all have ADA entrances.  If expectant mothers do not want to go through the walk-through metal detector for screening, you may enter the ADA entrance and be wanded/bag checked.

Where do I pick-up my attendee bag?

If you’re picking up your bag on Thursday, Exhibit Hall 2 from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM via Checkpoint 2. If you are picking up your bag on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, Registration located in the Level 1 Solar Atrium from any of the operating checkpoints.

Where do I pick up my commemorative badge, RTX Bandana, or RTX Bundle?

These items are available to pick up via Will Call at Registration located in the Level 1 Solar Atrium.  You must have your Front Gate confirmation email (either printed or electronically) and a valid photo I.D to pick up.

If I need to pick up my badge onsite, what do I do?

You must show your Front Gate confirmation email (either printed or electronically) and a valid photo I.D. at the security checkpoints to enter the building. You can get your badge at Registration located in the Level 1 Solar Atrium.

I have a medical disability. Where should I go for my medical sticker?

Please use the Fast Pass (pink) line at any of the 4 security checkpoints and go to Registration in the Level 1 Solar Atrium to pick-up your sticker. You may have one caregiver accompany you throughout RTX regardless of what badge type they have.


Can I bring in food and/or beverages to the Austin Convention Center?

FOOD: While ACC staff reserve the right to refuse entry to any outside food, we do not anticipate issues with small amounts of pre-packaged snacks such as granola bars or protein bars. This should also allow people with strict dietary restrictions to keep a small amount of appropriate food on hand, including those with medical conditions.

WATER: You may bring in an EMPTY water bottle. We encourage you to hydrate while waiting to get into the ACC, however, once you get to the front of the security line, you will be asked to either dump out the remaining water or drink it. Once inside, there will be water coolers/bubblers in every panel room and throughout the ACC.

Will I be able to purchase food and beverages inside the ACC?

Yes, there will be operating concession stands each day: 1) Built-in coffee stand between Exhibit Hall 4 & 5. 2) Cafe in the Solar Atrium. 3) Large Cafe in the Exhibit Hall. 4) Small Cafe Built-In outside Ballroom A.

What types of gifts ARE and ARE NOT allowed to bring to talent and RT staff?

We will not allow you to bring any open foods or beverages into the Austin Convention Center, this includes any alcohol. You also cannot bring any weapons, including Licensed to Carry. Additional prohibited items are illegal substances, weapons, firearms, explosives, flammables, knives, sharp objects, pepper spray, or mace. If you bring any items from the prohibited list (including food and beverages) it will be confiscated.


I am cosplaying and have a weapon as part of my cosplay. Where is Weapons Check located?

There will be two Weapons Check desks. One is located at Checkpoint 2 and the other at Checkpoint 3. Approved weapons will be tagged for the duration of the event.  If the tag is removed, you must revisit the Weapons Check desk each day for a new tag.


Will there be a parents lounge/rest area at RTX?

We love when parents come and support their children! We do not have a dedicated lounge/area for parents to hang out. If you wish to come, you must also purchase a badge for admittance. This is due to strict security measures to keep our community and staff safe.

Is there a Mother’s rooms available at the ACC?

Yes, there are two (2) Mother’s Rooms in the Austin Convention Center.  One is located on the first floor near Room 1 along Cesar Chavez St. The other is located on the third floor across from Room 10C.