Goooood morning, campers! It’s your old pal Jordan, here to update you on the latest in the world of Camp Camp.

I’ll start with the most exciting part: Camp Camp season 4 will be here before you know it! The new season premieres Saturday, June 1! This season is looking to be Camp Camp’s biggest yet, mostly because it will run for a whopping 18 episodes. EIGHTEEN. We’ll be camp-camping all the way ‘til the end of September this year and it’s going to be awesome. The season will be available exclusively on the Rooster Teeth site; FIRST members get early access to episodes, and then the public can watch them for free a week later. If you remember, that’s how last season worked, so nothing is changing on that front.

Speaking of last season, I have some good news for you! Camp Camp season 3 is coming to the all-new Rooster Teeth Animation YouTube channel starting June 1, with episodes posted every week. So if you like watching things on YouTube, that’s one way to do it! If you don’t want to wait a week between episodes, you can binge the first three seasons of Camp Camp directly on the Rooster Teeth site – for free – right now! No profile, sign-in, or free trial required.

I hope you’re excited for Camp Camp season 4. We have a lot of great episodes this year, so I’m looking forward to sharing them with you all. Have a great summer, and CAMPE DIEM!