Happy Friday! All of us are super excited for Camp Camp Season 4 to premiere tomorrow and to get into the spirit of Camp Camp campi-ness, several staff members shared their own experiences from wilderness trips and summer camps! 

(Don't forget to read up on Jordan's journal post about the details for Season 4!)

First up, we have Tim from our Integrated Marketing team, Zack from Sales, Evan from Programming, and AJ from BizDev enjoying the great outdoors. They have dubbed this the TPG Campfire Experience. Look at that sky!! 


Our partner manager, Daniel, used to be a camp counselor! 


Here's Al from our 2D team with his dad and brother at Philmont Scout Ranch. 


And closing up round 1 of RT Camp Camp shenanigans, we have our very own Miles Luna sharing fond memories of his camping days.  

"As a Boy Scout, I spent about a month up in the mountains of New Mexico backpacking and counseling at Philmont Scout Ranch. Fun fact: The quiet little town of Cimarron, NM served as the inspiration for Sleepy Peak! There's not much to do there... but they do have a pizza place."


That's it for now! Please share your own camping stories, photos, and experiences with us; we'd love to see some community love for the outdoors!