RTX always feels like the end of the year for me. 11 and a half months out of the year is dedicated to this show. With that in mind, here are my post RTX resolutions.

Update my poor, neglected website - www.sailortweek.com

Stream - Come on, girl. It's been MONTHS -

Turn 40 -
...huh... *counts years*
Yep. 40 years old.

AND I turn 40 on a Tuesday. A TUESDAY! What a ridiculous thing.

Plan Disneyland trip - Aaaawwww shit, motherfuckers. October is going to be full of costumes, sore feet, expensive dinners at the Blue Bayou, and maybe a little bit o' that Star Wars stuff.

Plan Vegas Trip - one of my groups is going back to Vegas in August. I really do enjoy that fake, desperate, and gorgeous city. Let's see what it's like without all the alcohol I used to consume.

Maybe work another con or 2 -
I am on the schedule to work for Zen Monkey Studios at Rose City Comic Con. I missed getting PAX tickets...because the day PAX tickets went on sale was the day we took Banner back to the Humane Society...so I have nothing on the schedule for that weekend. We'll see if Rooster Teeth needs me or I'll just hang out downtown or just not bother with Seattle at all during Labor Day weekend because I am now officially old enough to say that I do not recognize ANY of the acts headlining Bumbershoot this year.