Hello RTX first timers! 

First off, thank you so much for joining us for a weekend of RT shenanigans. Second, I have seen that for many of you, this is the first time you are attending RTX and/or attending your first convention ever! Today, I will be providing some helpful advice and things you need to know for RTX!

For general convention best practices: 

 towerJuly is HOT HOT HOT! Be mindful of this as you walk around outside. Drink water and keep some small snacks with you. There's a lot of stuff to do during the weekend, and sometimes you can forget to drink and eat. Make sure you take care of yourself! 

 towerSpeaking of walking! Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes. You will be doing A LOT of walking. So if you have new shoes, break those babies in now! 

 towerUse hand sanitizer and wash your hands frequently. Post con crud is a thing. You will be around a lot of people. Personally, I tend to the fist bump people during shows. 

 towerBe mindful of cleanliness in general. I know this is a weird point to make, but hygiene is super important to not only yourself but other attendees. Use deodorant and shower once or even twice (remember July is hot!). 

 towerIf you are networking, remember to bring your business cards!

 towerIF YOU ARE ATTENDING WITH YOUR CHILD, please use landmarks in the area or the registration desk as a location point in case you are ever separated and need to reconvene. 

 towerThere is a lot to do at every convention. Understand that you may not be able to see everything you want. Create your schedule (I will write about the RTX app down below), and figure out your priorities as well as a plan B or C.

 tower Be mindful of your budget. There are different practices for everyone on how to keep track of their spending, but one solid way to keep yourself from not spending a lot is using pre-loaded VISA cards. Load in a certain amount, use that card only, keep yourself within budget. Tada! For emergencies, keep cash or another card in your hotel room. 

Important things to know for RTX proper: 

 tower Important social channels to follow on Twitter: 

@RTXEvent = main social channel for the event 

@RTXLines = updates on panel line statuses 

Support email: RTXEvent@RoosterTeeth.com 

Main website: https://rtxevent.com

 towerOne of our amazing community groups compiled a list of places to eat near the ACC! The original post was made last year, so the panel information has expired, however there is a TON of recommendations on places to eat toward the second half of the post.

 towerThe RTX app for iOS / Android will have information on all the programming that will be presented during RTX. This includes schedules of talent, panels, center stage entertainment, and the ability to create your own schedule. The app should be updating on 6/14/19 to reflect the 2019 programming schedule. 

 towerWho are those people in the purple shirts that says GUARDIAN on them? They are our awesome volunteers who help us run RTX! If you have a question, concern, you're lost, or need assistance in some way, please flag a Guardian and they will assist to the best of their ability. Please note that Guardians are not security. If you feel that there is a situation that requires ACC security, a Guardian will be able to help you get in contact with them. 

 towerOur wonderful Events Specialist, Nicole, put together a very comprehensive post going over the security plan for RTX 2019. This is a really important post to read, so please take the time to go through it. 
 towerYou may see RT personalities roaming around. Yes, it's okay to ask for a signature or a photo, but please understand that they have a schedule to keep. If they say they have to take off, please let them. If a Guardian is ushering talent away, please let them do their jobs.  

towerYou will make new friends! The coolest thing about RTX is that you will have something in common with everyone who is attending. Strike up a conversation if you're waiting in line for a panel, attend some community events, get to know the people who make up this community. There are so many awesome people to meet!

What are some community-focused areas of RTX? 

 towerThe RTX App will have loads of info on different panels to see including the lineup for Community Panels! You can see all the panels here and/or keep track of them in the RTX App. 

 towerWe have a Community Corner set up on the expo floor that will showcase various artistic talent from the community. And yes, these will also be in the RTX app for you to add to your schedule. View the list here! 

 towerThere are a ton of community events happening before and during RTX as well! Some events are open to public, some are ticketed. I compiled a list that serves as a living document and will be updated any time I add a new event. View the list here!

That's it for now! I know it's a A LOT of info to process, but we always want to make sure that everyone is informed and has the best time at RTX. Special thanks to @Antharwn from RT World in helping me get this together!