Happy July! This month we don't have any extra events going on, but here is a rundown of what we're doing.

 burnie RTX starts the 5th! We have quite a few people going. If you're going and want to have a temporary event tag so that we can ping each other easier as a group for things while in Austin, let me know in the #rtx channel and I'll add @RTX to your profile.

 game_die D&D is the 13th at 1pm.

 milky_way Raleigh Supercon, renamed to Galaxycon, is this month. It's the 25th to 28th. Be sure to talk carpool and lunch meetups on Discord if you want to do anything. Tickets and info on the con are available here: >https://raleighsupercon.com/

As always, join the Discord for updates and to connect with all the active RTNC members. https://discord.gg/RZWhZ5n<>