Challenge #1

Today is the day that I decided I was going to go through all the Funhaus Videos on Rooster Teeth's website, I honestly don't know why I'm doing this, but ever since I got back from RTX I've found myself wanting to watch more and more videos despite religiously watching every video they upload at 9 AM and 5 PM EST. I plan on going through the videos by category (i.e. Demo Disk, Dude Soup, Filmhaus, etc.) I'm honestly so excited to do this in cohesion with challenge #2.

Challenge #2

This challenge's purpose does require a bit of background so I'll make it quick. I was going to the Rooster Teeth Gym Class panel with a friend (mostly because I was hoping to get a picture with James from Funhaus since I missed a picture with him since he had to leave for the Arizona Circle Panel. But I found myself listening very closely to what these fit men had to say about working-out and dieting. I did get that picture with James and honestly couldn't help but notice our ten-fold arm size difference so as of now I'm planning to go to RTX next year and work out to become a little bigger and year-by-year get pictures with him to see if I can grow. It's an interesting goal that I do believe I can accomplish, but first I'll need a gym membership and about five weeks to make it a habit!