so, when the summer rerun in FGO went live, I still needed summer Mordred and summer Anne & Mary. I got Anne & Mary off a yolo ticket, then an Arjuna spook, a 4th copy of Kiyo lancer, and a bunch of CEs off some 10 rolls.

after wasting probably a lot more money than I should have, and only getting a second summer lesbians, a bunch of 4 and 5 star event CEs, and some excess 4*servants that are now rare prisms, I used the 30 quartz we got if we managed the week long login streak for the anniversary (which was easy, given my still flawless from day 1 streak), and I got summer Mo.


all future quartz is now being saved for summer 2, though I may toss a ticket or two to see if I luck into another copy of Martha or Archuria.