Sooo...last night I earned some summon tickets in the Summer rerun event. Felt like chucking them at something on a whim before bed, so I threw one at the Holmes/Da Vinci banner. Got nothing. Then I chucked one at the summer banner. For the first time, I scored a 5* Servant from a summon ticket. And it was a yolo ticket, no less. It's unfortunate that I was rapid-tapping, because I once again missed any fanfare there may have been - I just caught the tail end of it fading into my storage.

Gots me another bikini fox :D




Of all the times for me to finally get a ticket 5*, this is the best it could have possibly happened on. I'm so happy. All the pain I went through last year on her banner was worth it for this. Between me managing to score 4/5 of my post-summer targets with free SQ plus a bonus MHXA, coupled with this NP2 Lancer Tamamo, I am now officially over my butthurt from last year. It's still a bad memory, especially since I can't get that money back, but now I can look back and think of it as a neat story to tell since the summon karma I've been getting back has been pretty awesome. Maybe there's also some karma in there to even things out after getting my knee dislocated, too.

Seeing that second fox pop up almost makes me want to believe in a higher power. Because considering my usual awful luck, this is incredible. Either way, I'm really damn happy right now!

Oh yeah, and in Epic 7 I've managed to yolo summon a Yufine, Zerato, and Clarissa. Pretty pleased with that, too.

As for my leg, it seems to be recovering well. After I got my x-ray results (apparently there's some liquid in my knee, but no major damages. It'll just take time to heal) work has been making sure to send someone over so I get rides to and from my job, which is awesome. Even let me take a couple half-days in there.

Yesterday I noticed that I was able to walk around my apartment with almost no limp, so today I decided to test myself and go out shopping without taking a crutch with me. There were a couple small pain spikes here and there (mostly in the left leg for taking most of the weight) where I kind of regretted that choice, but I managed. Even with the stairs at the apartment. Took it pretty slow on the return trip though, and I did still have some limp in my step. The leg seems to be doing pretty well now though, for the most part. I'll keep using the wrap for it, but maybe I'll try going without the crutch at work tomorrow too now? Or maybe wait a few more days. I dunno.