Today I needed to do some research for the next round of game of bands so that I could get some direction towards what the round is focused on.

I was hoping that today there was going to be a new song to share, but it is not yet finished, hopefully soon.

Anyway, the track that I found to give me guidance for this new round was a track by Spurv called et blekt lys lyder. It’s a post rock track and I really enjoy how it sounds. I then realised that I wanted to write something like this, and I know I have for a while, but I hope that this round for the next two weeks, the song takes that shape.

I picked up the guitar earlier and came up with something that I hope to drench in reverb and find a complementary few notes that I can tremolo pick over the top to add atmosphere, then find some chords that fit, and just build it up more and more.

I’m looking forward to figuring things out and seeing what comes of this track, and I hope that the other track gets completed, I’m just waiting on the vocals coming through.

Have an excellent day! You’re all my favourites!

Peace -x-