Thanks for all the birthday wishes kids. I'm fine. I actually haven't got incredibly blitzed since I t urned 21. Too much going on. My birthday I was pretty happy on martinis, but otherwise I've only socially had a few. And now I am not allowed to drink for 8 days.

See I don't know if anyone remembers, or if I even posted that here a month ago, but I have a cyst on my left ovary. Little painful. My doctor said, "Eh, if you're still having pain in 3 months we might look at it again." Unacceptable answer so I went to an OB/GYN for a second opinion.

The opinion is that my cyst is so small that she would be afraid to operate. She said she might not be able to find it and would then have to remove my whole ovary (definitely not what I want). So we're going to watch it for the three months and see if surgery can become a more viable option. The cyst I have is the kind that will not go away on its own so it will eventually be either A) it stops hurting and I can just live with it, or 2) it grows or moves or something and surgery becomes easier.

At any rate, I'm on these absolutely disgusting tasting pills for 5 days (they have titanium in them...eeeeck). I can't drink while I'm taking them, or for three days afterwards. So grr.

But I am much happier and feel better about it because I actually got some ANSWERS.

Morale of the story: OB/GYNs have to make you feel pretty good because they get to violate you.