I have been rather busy this week. I got really sick over the weekend/beginning of this week, so I am really behind on catching up with what is going on in the RvB world.

One thing I would like to mention, is the sick amount of laughs I got out of making this picture for this contest:

Does this make me a bad person? If so, I am very happy now. smiley6.gif

Besides that, I still need a good contest idea, I didn't get much help from my last journal entry unfortunately, but I think I may make it a photo editing contest, just because those are so fun to do. We will see... I am also thinking of making the prize 75 Mods, depending on if I want to mod someone's post that much, which I probably will. Anyways, I am starting to drone on so I will quit, and go back to ShadowSiege.

Another huge MOD contest Here, RvB Scavenget Hunt V 2.0. Now go get to work!