I got this from
The Captain Underpants Extra - Crunchy Book O' Fun!!!
I love this thing so I though I would share it!! enjoy!

Use the first letter of your first name to Determine your NEW first name!!

A= Stinky
B= Lumpy
C= Buttercup
D= Gidget
E= Crusty
F= Greasy
G= Fluffy
H= Cheeseball
I= Chim-Chim
J= Poopsie
K= Flunky
L= Booger
M= Pinky
N= Zippy
O= Goober
P= Doofus
Q= Slimy
R= Loopy
S= Snotty
T= Falafel
U= Dorky
V= Squeezit
W= Oprah
X= Skipper
Y= Dinky
Z= Zsa-Zsa

Use the first letter of you last name to determine the first half of your NEW last name!

A= Diaper
B= Toilet
C= Giggle
D= Bubble
E= Girdle
F= Barf
G= Lizard
H= Waffle
I= Cootie
J= Monkey
K= Potty
L= Liver
M= Banana
N= Rhino
O= Burger
P= Hamster
Q= Toad
R= Gizzard
S= Pizza
T= Gerbil
U= Chicken
V= Pickle
W= Chuckle
X= Tofu
Y= Gorilla
Z= Stinker

Use the last letter of your last name to determine the second half of your NEW last name!!

A= Head
B= Mouth
C= Face
D= Nose
E= Tush
F= Breath
G= Pants
H= Shorts
I= Lips
J= Honker
K= Butt
L= Brain
M= Tushie
N= Chunks
O= Hiney
P= Bisquits
Q= Toes
R= Buns
S= Fanny
T= Sniffer
U= Sprinkle
V= Kisser
W= Squirt
X= Humperdinck
Y= Brains
Z= Juice