This is a kind of library of all the books in oblivion that give you skill points, ive also added the rewards you get from people in quests...the first

~a dance in fire (version 1 and 2)
~the black arrow v1
~mystery of Talara v1
Rewards: +1 for protecting quill weave's secret in "a rat problem"

~A Game at Dinner
~mannimarco, king of worms
~song of the alchemists
~de rerum dirennis
~calcinator treatise

~daughter of the niben
~the dragon break
~reality and other falsehoods
~the lunar lorkhan

the armorers challenge
last scabbard of akrash
light armour repair
cherims heart of aquina
heavy armor repair

the ransom of zarek
a dance in fire v3
the red kitchen reader
the argonian account book 1

words of philosiphy
2920 morning star v1
fire and darkness
song of hrormir
battle of sancre tor
rewards: +2 whatch the blades practising at cloud ruler temple for a couple of minutes

death blow of abernanit
the mirror
a dance in fire v2
the warp in the west
reward: +2 same as blade...(the one above)

the legendary sancre tor
the importance of where
night falls on sentinal
mace etiquette

the doors of oblivion
liminal bridges
2920 hearth fire [sic] v9
2920 frostfall [sic] v10
the warriors charge
commentaries on the mysterium xarxes book 1.

the horrors of castle Xyr
response to beros speech
A hypothetical treachery
the art of war magic
mystery of talara v3
comments on the mysterium xarxes book 2.

hand to hand
immortal blood
the wolf queen
ahzirr traajijazeri (yes...really)
way of the exposed hand
master zoarayms tale
rewards: +5 watch the two trainers outside the arena

heavy armour
hallgerds tale
2920 midyear v6
how orsinium passed to orcs
history of the fighters guild

the wolf queen v3
the argonian account book 3
incident at necrom
Palla, volume 1 (Can only be found in Arkved's Death Quarters in Arkved's Tower, part of Vaermina's quest)
mystery of talara v4
commantaries on the mysterium xarxes book 3

light armour
the rear guard
ice and chitin
lord jornibrets last dance
the refugees
rislav the righteous

the gold ribbon of merit
a dance in fire v5
vernaccus and bourlor
father of the niben
the black arrow v2

the buying game
the wolf queen v4
2920 suns height v7
a dance in fire v6 and v7
+5 from Seed-Neeus for completing "Shadow Over Hackdirt"

the first hold revolt
2920 suns dawn v2
the black arts on trial
before the ages of man
souls black and white
commantaries on the mysterium xarxes, book 4

notes on racial phylogeny
the exodus
2920 rains hand v4
mystery of talara v2

the locked room
the wolf queen v1
proper lock design
advances in lock picking
surfeit of thieves

the wolf queen v6
2920, last seed v8
sacred witness
legend of krately house
puloined shadows

biography of the wolf queen
the wolf queen v5
2920 second seed v5
the wolf queen v7
reward: +1 from arvena thelas if you turn quill weave in at the end of the mission "a rat problem"