OK...this journal type thing is to inform all oblivion players oblivious to the existence of the umbra sword in the game elder scrolls IV oblivion. This is for my sanity and the fellow users who keep having to say where the umbra is, how to get it and so forth.

it will be colour coded like so

how to obtain.
where is the shrine?
what the umbra does.

just so that you know, the umbra sword as it is known, is carried by a woman called umbra (well duh) in a very small ayleid ruin. it is impossible not to find her in here, or not to find the ruin. she also carries some pretty cool heavy arour which is ok i suppose.
it looks nice but it is basically orcish armour that is named "umbras cuirass" or what not.


it is very simple to find the ayleid ruin. just go to the imperial city waterfront and go south west...ish. it is an ayleid ruin on the south-west coast of lake rumare. alternatively, go to the area where the lake splits into two very short rivers, this is where "old bridge" is:
and just go west on the road straight to vindasel, your final destination:

how to obtain.
congratulations, the most common question has been answered! now, you could go it alone and get yourself killed, or you can follow my advice...good
once inside, equip a detect life spell or your grey cowl. there are many rats and unless you have a good heal spell or a potion, you will deffinately need to conserve health for the battle ahead.

immediately when you enter, do down the steps until you reach a room. DO NOT RUN ACROSS. there is a spike pit and several rats...you might be cutting your trip a bit short if you dont go in slow and steady. stick to the outside, sneak up on the rats or you can pick em off with your bow...the choice is yours.
the exit is in the southern wall...

the next room is also rat ridden and, it has a rather odd trap inside that you may have come across before. it is a smoke/poison that comes from the middle of the room. do not enter the middle or you will die. the outlines are easily visible so stay on the outside. kill the rats, same as before.

now, here comes the tricky part, heal up, let your fatigue and magika restore, and get out your fortification spells...or conjuration spells, whatever suits you, conjuring stuff will distract her, but that sword is deadly and it wont last long before she starts on you.
it is possible to talk to umbra before fighting, but in the end all you get is the element of un-surprise if that makes any sense at all.
best option, hit her with a few sneaky arrows or spells to get the party started. a great way to stay unhurt is to jump from the balcony which has a conviniently broken hand-rail, to the broken pillar nearest to you on your right then just TRY and hit her, shes very fast...like shit off a shovel some might say. the best defense is offence as they say, just keep blocking and take cheap shots. also, if you have a burden or absorb health spell, this is very good. just keep hitting her and dont let her hit you. keep jumping and she will soon die (not from the jumping but from you killing her).

loot the place and her and then scarper. its also nice to know that if you have lock picking skills, the chest has a soul gem in it and 570 gold...quite nice if you are just starting out. (if you have bad lock picking skills then exit the ruin, and go back toward the old bridge, near the water is a rune stone that gives you the warden key spell...it opens hard locks so that will open the chest)

there you have it...go and enjoy killing stuff. (might i add that this is no ordinary sword, it has a soul trap for 120 seconds, on strike, and the damage is determined by your level and or blade skill, i got 13 damage but others got up to 30. it also has an encumbrance of zero!!! yay)

where is the shrine?

shrine? who said anything about a shrine?
well, as one of the daedric quests, you have to get the sword and give it to clavicus vile. his shrine is north west (more west than north) just off the gold road. this is kind of an in joke as the offering is 500 gold. what you have to do is get the umbra sword. bring ti back and give it to him and you get an ugly full-head helmet that increases your Personality by 20 points. wow zorz. you can always keep the sword...i would do that. you get to hear him mutter some threats if you do, but nothing happens.

what the umbra does.
The umbra is a very powerful sword with a soul trap enchantment and 13 damage, plus, it doesnt encumber you unlike the other powerful weapons. this sword is argued to be THE best or one the best weapons in the game. i love it personally, but i have a sword character and might not be so good for other people. here is a picture of what i did with the umbra:
there were more people in the back of the castle who i killed but they wouldnt move for the photo, there were 9 in this photo but about 16 in total.

well, thats it i think, comment if i missed anything.


IF you do use this please comment so i can see how many people i've helped...thanks

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