Well, this will one of the last times I'm onlinethis early in the morning. My last day of work is Friday. I won't be getting up this early for a while and when I finally have to I doubt I'll havea computer in front of me to entertain me.
I go home from the 19th-22nd because we are haing Thanksgiving early at my house. My cousin, AJ, is in the Marines and has to go to Camp Pendleton on the 22nd. I guess he wants to be there for Thanksgiving. I say we just have Christmas now too that way I can AJ can get some presents also.
I've been told many times that I look nice today! You really don't knw how much I like the attention lol. I guess it's becase I'm dressed all girlie lol. And I'm usually dressed in a hoodie and jeans. I'm in all pink today! Well, my pants are black with pink pin stripes, but still... Well, I have to get to work **sigh** but I'll probably make another journal entry soon. I don't think were very busy today.
I know I praddle... but thanks for listenin'...