Today is a very special day. Today just happens to be the 1 year birthday of Uboria (that's my island country that I made up.....I was bored at work one day). So yeah. I'm the king obviously. If anyone wants to play a part in Uboria then just let me know.

So far I have these parts:

1. King (me)
2. Prime Minister (kodiak)
3. Grand Reigant of the Royal Uborian Military (ChakeShcos)
4. Royal Uborian Artist
5. Royal Uborian Military (aka RUM)
6. Royal Uborian Security
a) Royal Uborian Secret Police
1) Head of Royal Uborian Secret Police (NyCoN)
7. Head of the Royal Uborian Security (EzekialJones)
8. Royal Uborian Assassin (EzekialJones)
9. Supreme Chancellor

So yeah. If you wanna be part of this then just leave a comment and what title you want.

p.s. - I need some people for the Royal Uborian Security too.