for anybody that didn't get their sata avs, here are the last two that I saw, and I should be all caught up with requests. If anyone still wants one, just message me and I will whip up something.

and the newest requests, in which I made the hats match. I think. *laughs*

That out of the way, it's time for a new journal. I quite wish that I had something of even marginal interest to post, since my karma is taking a severe beating due to exams. The more I study, the less time I have to post as I should. When you're losing ten points or more a day, you're pretty much fudged. (I'm sure Cloud and a few others can attest to this.) I always give mods out to everyone who posts in my journals, but it is harder as it seems fewer people are willing to give mods these days.

There isn't much to report in my life as of late. I've been studying and writing papers like mad, but it appears that I'll be done on wednesday. I have time off work until then, which is great because two of the exams I know are going to kick my ass.

I go to school on top of a mountain, and yesterday it snowed, which was's beautiful up there when it snows. There are so many trees to catch it, and it's just silent...the flakes are so big because the clouds are so close *sighs softly* if I wasn't thinking so negatively about school lately, this would make me want to be up there all the time. I'm hoping that the snow will stick, and that we can build another Ed like we did last year (eight foot tall snowman with a stick mohawk and large penis in the middle of the soccer field).

And, since I just started receiving these TODAY, I shall put them here. Remember when I said I'd get dressed up and go out for Iain's birthday? Yeah, just got the pictures now, almost a month later.
Thank god there are none of when I passed out.
I don't remember this picture being taken. Might have something to do with the double I was holding.
and LancerEVO and I, who looks thrilled to be there.

no more for now, I need to study some more, else I will fail and then I would be most unhappy.
Looking back on this and my other journal entries, I think I am turning into a cam whore :(