Good, now that we've gotten that out in the open.

For anyone who has newly been made my friend, please kindly disregard this message. For my existing friends (and especially my core journal group) please take this message in the exact OPPOSITE context.

I have, at this second, ten friend requests lounging in my inbox. I'm struggling to find the correct articulation to express how I'm feeling. The closest I have come so far is Fuck Off.

Now, this may or may not sound fair, but two days ago, in my 'about' section, I added a small addendum that mentioned please leaving me a message, or at least a comment on a picture or something before sending me a request. Since then, I have gotten ten requests (not counting the ones I have accepted) that have never said boo to me.

Let it be known: If you do not leave me some sort of communique, I will look at the friends you already have. If they are all girls, then you will be put on a list in my journal, and I will update it and parade it around until you realize that there are intelligent men on here as well, and that none of your female friends will sleep with you. Having an abundance of female friends does not make you cool, and I won't be party to it. I am able to say that I check up on almost every person on my friends list's journals every day, and I am out in the forums conversing with them. I don't need to look like a brainless friendwhore just because you are.

Now, with all the requisite bitchiness out of the way, this journal is about ANYTHING!
I for one, will start it off with one of the choice messages I have received as of late:

'll say this when Nov 9/2004 comes i have one motto either join or get swaggged by my sweet guns ma. I know you don't know me but it's ok we can be a great team anyone who like star wars has got to have skillz well PH34R MY M4D 5KILL5 . I WILL SWAGGG THE WORLD AND WITH A WOMAN LIKE YOU BESIDE ME WE CAN DO IT MUCH QUICKER WHAT DO YOU SAY HALO2 IS OURS HOLLA BACK

what in the fucking fuck? *sighs*