Yay! Thanksgiving break (except for Black Friday, you cheapskate money grubbing bitchy day after thanksgiving sale whore impatient bastards!!!!) IF you decide to go out and endorse the disgusting day-after-thanksgiving practice PLEASE only buy things you already wanted to get, PLEASE PLEASE be courteous to the retail employees you encounter, and IF you personally run into me round closing time at my place of employment and hassle me, so help me I'll snap your neck. I am working 12 hours, with one lunch, and will be traffic controlling ALL day in my store; running breaks for the cashiers, troubleshooting problems, etc etc.

***This concludes Dan's yearly BLACK FRIDAY rant*****

But in all seriousness have a nice thanksgiving, enjoy your family time together as much as possible, and PLEASE remain laid back and happy and thankful you even have money to go shopping. Remember, if you own a car and a house, you are in the upper 5% of the WORLD's wealth. If you own two cars and have a hobby, your are in the top 1.5%.

Hows that for something to be thankful for?