Well Friday's here again... yay!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Friends. Have fun shopping!


I picked up Battlefield 2 Special Forces earlier the week. After installing, patching while installing, then having to download another patch and install that... it's great!

The grappeling hook and zip line are right up there with Half-Life 2's Gravity Gun. Gaming fun at it's best!

On another note... to any inspiring Graphic or Web Designers out there my work is running a contest over at Sitepoint.com for a re-design of our web-site headder and other portions. The details haven't been finalized yet but I'll post the link here when they go up over the weekend!

Well that's about it! Everyone have a safe a great weekend!!!!


Here is the link to our contest!!! Someone please Message me if this isn't apporiate to post here at Red vs Blue!!!