Well, black friday is over, and I survived the nuts. There was a line of people at the door around 5:30 this morning (from what I was told) about a quarter mile back to the restaurant Culver's. Wow. Keep in mind folks that I work for a HARDWARE store; we didn't have a monstrous amount of stuff that was on sale; not like Kohls or the mall. We had 16 lines open for the morning, and I spent the entire day trying to keep everyone sane (including myself-- I failed miserably) I spent an hour after work trying to get the Check total to balance; didn't happen either, but whatever.

People here are Nutcases when it comes to sales. I had people getting all bent out of shape because we didn't have a particular John Deere tractor toy in stock, or that something was ringing up 15 cents more than it they thought It should. I think it has something to do with the whole Farmer's culture here; I hate it. This is probably also why the arts scene here is not doing nearly as well as it should.

Embarrasing story coming up!