Hows this for a Work horror story?

I was working this Wednesday, getting the store ready for Black Friday, when a customer's 50 dollar bill did not seem to pass the counterfit marker test; we mark all 50's and 100's with a special marker that will turn dark black is the bill is fake, and only a light yellow to a brown if it is real. This 50 was darker than usual, so I went to go check it under the Blacklight under the desk to go see if the Bill was indeed real.

In the process of turning on the light and checking the bill, I heard an odd click under the desk, but didn't think much about it at the time.

Roughly 15 minutes later, My Store Manager comes over and asks where my managers at. She is on lunch, and against policy and procedure decided to take her radio off AND leave the phone with me. Bastard. Anyhow, It was revealed to me in time that the click I heard was my accidently pushing a large Red button which was indeed a silent alarm.

Oops! Needless to say, I was a bit embarresed and very pissed off that no one had even informed me that the button had been installed; I know for a FACT that it was not there very long. In fact, one of my assistant managers didn't even know that it existed.

Fortunately I did not get in trouble, but all in all I looked like a real stupid ass. Communication is key in the business world, and apparently it didn't work out like it should have in this instance. Oh well, (insert something french and cool sounding here)

Any embarrasing stories or cool french phrases are encouraged