I had to help take care of some kids today in a nursery, and after the crying died down and the tots got down for some serious playin, I noticed something rather interesting (and possibly frightening!)

Today's children are being indocrinated and advertised to at a very young age.

Don't believe me? The first culprit I spotted is none other than the seemingly harmless George Foreman:


It's a bit fuzzy, but that is a Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine for all the three year old's Play-Doh cooking needs.

It even sizzles when you put something in it.

Next up on my gallery of commercial proselytism is our dear friends at Ford


I'm Ford Truck man! Well, Ford Truck toddler, I guess. Further Proof:


Here's one of the more interesting commercialized items I found today:
Cheerios and William Wegman (A photographer I do like and highly approve of)


Interesting, to say the least.
Anyhow, I just thought it important the public realize that the consumerist brainwashing starts much earlier than we think; it doesn't begin with saturday morning cartoons.

As far as rants go, I think this one was with "my tounge firmly in my cheek"
(there's a reward for whomever can tell me which post-modernist artist made an artwork piece by that title, and don't google it you cheater!)