Well, here I am back at work... I had a great Turkey day and loved the time off. I actually came back to work Monday but had to leave early... Yep, had the flu... and OMG was I sick.... I have never felt that bad in my life... I would have rather taken a spike up the nose than be that sick.. Luckily though it didn't last that long, WOO HOO I guess... It was actually funny, I came to work Monday after getting sick and I was feeling really bad, but my hubby was making fun of me saying that it was just a hangover. (Yeah I imbibed a little too much alcohol the night before) I kept telling him that this was different but did he listen? Of course not. Anyway, he called me about 11am to tell me that my mom and stepdad were both home with the flu... HEHE I knew it wasn't a hangover... Well, needless to say I went home Monday after about a 1/2 a day at work and proceeded to sleep for the rest of the day. My loving hubby woke up with it yesterday, I was nice and didn't make fun of him, but boy did I want to.... Anyway, I am back at work today and feeling quite chipper!!!

On a completely unrelated subject, my brother is coming up soon for Christmas and I can't wait to see him. He is bringing his girlfriend up with him, she is really great. He bought her an engagement ring!!! Which is really super. I have to say that he couldn't have found a better chick... They get along really well, which is amazing cause my brother has the weirdest sense of humor I have ever seen... Just weird! I am so happy he has found someone like her, It's just great!

Well, I guess I should get to work, or something.. God I love my job...! smiley0.gif