my weekend was pretty crazy, still trying to get back on track from the hoilday weekend......

turkey day was alot of fun, went to three families house to visit, ate at two and could hardly move.... i got to see alot of my relatives on my dad's side, and even asked my grandpa a really important question! i asked him to share the father daughter dance with me, cause my parents and i arent on speaking terms......... and he said yes and even cried, it was so sweet!

then that night my cousins kat and her friend mike, and my other cousin dominc came to party here in menominah with us! we started going to jackies house cause theres more privacy there, anyway her sister who doesnt even live there got in a fight with her and called the cops on us! it was only 9ish so they couldnt come on or bother us cause of our semi loud music, so they stood outside in negative degree weather for like a half hour and left! it was funny...... they cant come in unless you answer the door which none of us were stupid enough to do!

friday was a little different, went back up to my grandparents (they live about 40 min away)and spent the day up there, then everyone came back home with us for another party, only it ended up being quite a shitty night cause my fiance and i got into a not so great fight........ so that made for a long ackward night for everyone! but we fixed things up and it was great!

hmmm.......... saturday i cant seem to remeber what i did, i think it was a lazy day, all except saturday night, bob from naba came and chilled with me, then at 1 am i get a call from j.r. who said i needed to go pick up cy, it was his bachelor party, and he was beyond tanked! he had six shots of three wisemen which alone one round is six shots, so he ended up slamming about 36 shots, then went to the shitter about 10 minutes later and puked it all up! it was very icky!
it took about 4 big guys his size to get him out to the car, then i drove him home, thank god erik and bob were there to help me carry him in, cause i couldnt of done it alone! afterwards cy passed out in the bathroom for an hour, and finally crawled into bed! leaving me to sleep on the floor! i couldnt of handled any more puke!

sunday was my cleaning day, and thats pretty much all i did! as well as monday, i made apointments for my hair and makeup, for the wedding! which is 3 days away!!! ahh lol

yesterday was alot better, we turned in our marriage license, and we headed back up to my grandparents, and took cy ali and erik with meg's and me....... had some home made pizza, played a kewl dominos game called mexican train! which i lost very badly at! cy won! smiley6.gif on him, teehee! and i got to talk alot more with my aunt judy, she decided to stay the week up here instead of traveling back and forth from IL back here in less than a week! she has and always will be my favorite aunt/relative! i get along with her really great, and she is easy to talk to, everyone calls her gabby, cause all she does is talk, but when you put the two of us in a room we could talk for hours, and still have things to talk about! smiley0.gif

today i slept in cause i have been feeling very sick! but i'm starting to feel better. some how the other day i screwed up my arm pretty bad and i'm having trouble moving it at, all whcih makes for some interesting typing! lol

as for the wedding everything is done and in place and i hope everything goes smoothly, *crosses fingers* but i know you'll all hear about it afterwards! yay! lol

tis all for now, sorry for the dreadfully long entry, but thats what happens when i dont update in like a week! have a good rest of the week all!
leave some love! lol or comments will work too!

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