After I kicked that final's ass, I had a fantastic night last night. I got rowdy stinkin' drunk and it was SargeOA'S 21st birthday, so a toast to him! (or three or four in my case) I went to the Irish Heather first, got started, and then across the street to the Blarney Stone. You can ask anyone who knows me, when it comes to drinking and the like, I'm very much part Celt, so I danced and sang and had my favorite drink (long vodkas) and didn't pay a dime. It's a grand place. The only way to explain the interior is to liken it to the Titanic movie. You know that big party down in steerage? Where they got out the fiddles and got smashed and danced on the tables and everyone sang? Just like that :)

Here is some entertainment, as I am still drunkish and quite bored.
THIS made me giggle like crazy, and I listened to it for over an hour, even as background noise....where is the cow, hidden right now *dances*
and THIS is death. But it is enticing, happy death. And it led to me doing this:
*screams and clutches my ears* MAKE IT STOP

EDIT: back back back, back from his MAGICAL JOURNEY

EDIT EDIT: jinglybells, christmas is getting closer and closer