Find the month of your birth ...

January: I partied with
February: I had babies with
March: I felt up
April: I messed around with
May: I peed on
June: I robbed
July: I ate
August: I shot
September: I beat up
October: I dressed up as
November: I got married to
December: I had drunken sex with

Find the day of your birthday ...

1: some random girl
2: Michael Jackson
3: some random guy
4: a book
5: Frankenstein
6: Martha Stewart
7: a bottle of Hennesse
8: a flamingo
9: a bag of chips
10: a chair
11: Dick Cheney
12: my English teacher
13: a Teletubby
14: myself
15: a ninja
16: a penguin
17: a pole
18: an apple
19: a box
20: my finger
21: a prostitute
22: a cell phone
23: Ron Jeremy
24: a statue
25: a gnome
26: a hippo
27: my shoes
28: George Bush
29: a porn star
30: my best friend
31: a cat

Find the FIRST letter of your FIRST name...

A: for the money
B: for the hell of it
C: and it sucked
D: to be cool
E: to be naked
F: to eat cheese
G: and I had twins
H: for my boyfriend
I: for my girlfriend
J: to be sexy
K: but my mom told me to
L: at school
M: and it was fun
N: and I got sick
O: and I threw up
P: and something shrank
Q: in the pool
R: and then I streaked
S: and it was boring
T: because I was drunk
U: for a shopping spree
V: and I liked it
W: in the dark
X: and I had a sex change
Y: under the sheets
Z: in a laundry mat