thats right, only one day until i am a married woman, the past couple of days have been pure madness, and kept me on my feet, not to mention lil ali has a cold....... so my sleep is very limited!

i have so much running to do tomorrow, and saturday before the wedding, but i get to relaxe tomorrow night and have a girls night out, we're going to go bowling, and just be crazy, i am super excited!

one thing i am actually not looking forward to about tomorrow, is my interveiw........ yes tonight i got a call tellin me to be there at 9 am for an interveiw, its at a local country club, and all i basically have to do is show up and look pretty and i get the job.......

down falls to it, sucky hours, sucky people, sucky pay! the only reason i applied to to make my fiance happy, i dont want the job at all........ but i also know we really need the money now, so its not like i have the option of turning it down, who knows, maybe for some reason i wont get hired! i'll be sure to fill ya'll in on that....... either waym, whether i am or not, i'm still gonna be putting in more aps. other places, cause i dont want this too much right now!

....... other than that i had a good night, meg and i spent some time together, her and erik made nummy quesadillas! and i even went to walmart twice and kmart today, i didnt even get to sit down and relaxe at all today till about 6this evening, and that was running on four hours of sleep! im actually proud of myself, but ny nerves keep me going i think! lol

but im thinking i need to get some major zzz's to catch up, and keep up for the next two days! have a super weekend all! be safe........

smiley9.gif me smiley9.gif