Welcome to the count down. On sunday (which is a day ahead of most of you), (and nearly a day before the rest of you in the UK), I'm flying to the states to be with my girl... this has been the worst bloody month ever, with work deadlines and missing the girl, and dealing with tax and stuff, arghhhh, anyway, I can't wait for this next week to be gone... Just have to voice my disapproval at this week even bloody existing. Anyway, take it easy you lot.

oh yeah, in a welcome return to style, I saw a post the other day that said "This episode reminds me of everything I loved in season 2" (sorry for this misquote but I'm on my way to work and I can't be chasing down the thread), I tend to agree, this season seems to be returning to some of the earler style, (not that 3 and start of 4 didn't rock, just the whole "Serial Element" (remember the phantom, and indiana jones and stuff like that, well indiana jones was shot in a serial format, the weekly installments in the paper of phantom are serials, and well, red vs blue is a serial, until it looses it way for an episode or two, but yeah, very impressed with what you guys are creating!