alan scott: the first and keeper of the star heart: lantern of earth
hal jordan: parallax, spectre, and the most well known: lantern of earth
kyle rayner: the every man: lantern of earth
guy gardner: the funny one: lantern of earth
john stewert: 2nd most well known, the black one: lantern of earth
kilawog: the pig guy: bolovax vik
abin sur: the one who gave hal his ring: lantern of ungara
jade: kyle rayner's girlfiend: ?
gantha: the last gardian: not a lantern
gardians: creaters of the manhunters, the green lanterns, and the universe: not lanterns
sinistro: lantern turned evil: lantern of korugar
g'nort: fake ring and apart of jl antarctica: lantern of unknown sector
tomar tu and tomar re: brothers: lanterns of xudar
katma tui: took over when sinistro was exiled: lantern of korugar

and thats gl 101