first of all, i would like to apologise in advance for not commenting to anyones things for a while............ my alerts are a mile long, so its gonna take me a while to catch up!

On a happy note, the wedding was amasing, everything i hoped it would be and more..... i dont have pictures right now, but within the next couple of days i'll have em, so be patient! =)

for starters it was a quick ceremony, and my grandpa walked me down the aisle and gave me away! while ali and cy's little sister were flower girls! they were soooo cute!

then we had a really nice dinner, where it was kind of hard to get a bite in, cause everyone was constiantly clanging glasses to have us kiss, but it was funny!

the cake was beautiful too, it was three layered and white, with christmas trees and an electric train running around it! but it looked the best smeared all over our faces, when we tried to feed it to each other! smiley0.gif teehee!

the dance was fun, there was kariokee, and everyone got a little crazy with that! ok mainly meglac and me, but it was very heartwarming, she was requesting songs for me, and sining for me, it was a very emotional night, i cried alot, happy and sad tears!

when it was time for the garter toss, i think that was one of the best funny moments that night......... the dj told cyler to dance his sexiest dance for me, and when i said it was sexy enough he was allowed to take off my garter.......... oh boy was his face red, cause he doesnt dance period! lol but he turned out to be quite the sexy dancer!

there was alot of drinking, and alot of laughing and dancing, it made the whole day of my worrying worth it, seeing him waiting for me at the end of that aisle was a feeling i will never forget, one of the best moments of my life! smiley0.gif

it was a very simple yet really beautiful night, follwed by a great couple of days together! we ended up not going to far for a honey moon, we went to appleton for a day, and back to green bay, and got a really beautiful sweet. and even got some christmas shopping in! now im back home, catching up on cleanning, and finally rvb!!! yay! while relaxing before work on thursday! yeah thats right, i got the stinky job, as a waitress at the country club! woohoo! hopefully it wont be as bad as i am imagining it!

but thats a shirt version, of my last five days, if i think of more i'll post, and as soon as i get pics, you'll all be the first to know!!!

hope you all had a super weekend!!!

smiley12.gif me