...from the garish light of day...

Hellllooooo bullshit journal entry, but I'm so excited I can't not post about it.
There is soon to be released, a Phantom of the Opera movie.
Oh. My. God. By now, you should all recognize my ability to be extremely effected by strong music, and opera is certainly contained in that description. I first saw the Phantom fairly early on in childhood, and the whole production rather enthralled me. Even now, I have the original production cassette tape in my car (much to the chagrin of many of my friends.)
The main score is so incredibly powerful, it literally gives me goosebumps when I hear it. I ultimately equate hearing any part of the opera with the image of his underground boat, drifting across the stage through roiling tendrils of mist, surrounded by spidery candelabra *squeals*
In any case, with this imagery carefully cultivated in my mind, seeing the gorgeous aesthetics of this movie has gotten me ever so excited. It looks deliciously dark, and ridiculously extravagant. It's perfect.





Welcome to my Opera House. Continue to leave Box Five empty for my use.

And, may I remind you, my salary is due.

What a charming gala! Christine enjoyed a great success! We were hardly bereft when Carlotta left--
Otherwise, the chorus was entrancing, but the dancing was a lamentable mess!

Just a quick reminder, my salary has not been paid.
Send it care of The Ghost, by return of post.

Do not fear for Miss Daae. The Angel of Music has taken her under his wing.
Make no attempt to see her again.

I have now sent you several notes of the most amiable nature, detailing how my theatre is to be run. You have not followed my instructions.

I shall give you one last chance. Should these commands be ignored a disaster beyond your imagination will occur...