well iv had my final tooth removed smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gif so thats 3 iv had out in less than 2 weeks.... its not nice smiley2.gif this one had to be the worst!!! not the taking it out bit but the *word i cant spell that tom will spell for me* that makes my mouth all numb!!! arhhhh i cant feel the left side of my mouth smiley2.gif

ooo but this morning there was a squirrel in my garden smiley1.gif it was cute smiley0.gif

but erm yeah. now all my friend are in school and im bored at home smiley2.gif hmmm what to do...

RANDOM PICTURE! smiley0.gif


oo ill have to have a bottom brace on the 12th i think... i dont want one!!! i look bad enough with a top brace smiley2.gif pooey smiley2.gif i guess i should just think about when the brace comes of and ill have stright teeth smiley1.gif and people will be like woah you dont have a brace. then i shall say "yes, i dont have a brace" smiley1.gif then i can do that --> smiley0.gif and show them my non existing brace! smiley0.gifsmiley0.gif