smiley9.gif 2" TFT-LCD Display
smiley9.gif XM-Ready AM/FM Tuner
smiley9.gif SD Card slot reads JPG images and MP3 files
smiley9.gif Play back video clips from the SD Card slot; share fun with your friends while riding in the car
smiley9.gif Plays CDs and MP3-CDs
smiley9.gif 160W Total Power
smiley9.gif Detachable Face Plate provides security

the price was only 180ish at walmart, but i forgot to think of the cost of a memory card and everything that goes along with that, so i cant download my own pics to it yet......... but hopefully santa will get me the rest of the gear for x/mas we'll see!!!

total cost for everything, from mounting bracket, sodering gun, cause my hubby and i installed ourselves, and the formentioned computery stuffs......... your looking at near 350/400 bucks......... which is more than i intended to spend, but its still pretty spiffy, or at least i think so! smiley0.gif

but i'm gonna jet so i can goes try it out! lata.............