every year around the begining of november i always think to myself, "wow i have a decent amount of money this year to buy people presents. this never happens i'm always short and have to shaft someone, but this year its all gonna be different. i'm gonna start christmas shopping early be done and not worry about it...."
i'm laughing at myself now cause i dont know how but in the month span i have managed to deplete my funds so that i have 4 dollars and 56 cents to my name. (granted it didnt help that my water pump went on my car and i had to pay 556 to have that and a whole bunch of other stupid things fixed on my car but...)
i think i just have too many people to buy for. lets list most of them for my mental processes of trying to figure out how i'm gonna pull this christmas out of my ass.

3 - i have three diffeent groups of friends all of which a secret santa is in place
3 - i have 3 brothers
2 - two of my brothers have significant others. one of which is a sister in law the other one i just have to buy for or she'll feel left out
2 - mom and pop
1 - the boy i make out w/ some times....figure hes at least earned a christmas present
2 - grandma and grandpa.....they're old and have told me i've "reached the age" where i should start buynig for the extended family
(short side note. who decides when ur old enough to have to pay more money for relatives you only see once a year? in a way they make it sound like "you've reached the age" like i won the lottery or something. however this is like the reversed lotto. congradulations u now have more bills to pay then you could ever imagine. do i at least get a sticker/ribbon that says congradulations.....that might actually make this whole process a bit better)
1- my aunt barbara. shes all alone, comes to christmas and would be the only one at christmas i'm not buying for if i didnt get her anything.

damn it.
14 gifts.
bangs head into desk.

i wish i were the age where giving a pez depenser to everyone for christmas was considered acceptable......and cute.