after several hours of rearanging my darn living room, we finally have a space to put a tree........... yay!

so today erik is gonna take me to go geta tree, we get to tromp in snow and cut it down ourselves. thats the best kind....... i want to suprise cyler for when he gets off of work!

yesterday i finished my christmas shopping, or at least for alicia meg, and cy's sister maddy! now basically all i need to do is buy a few small things for a few friends, and then cy said everyone else is gonna get gift certificates, thats what we do ever year, and they seem content with that........... so yeah!

WEEKEND UPDATE...............
friday was ok, i got off of work at like 10:30, and i was sore, i watched meg and bob bowl while i chilled with scotty and gary...........
but saturday was by far the best, ok not the day at all, i had to pull a double shift, which sucked major.......but i got to get out a lil earlier, so we decided to hang out and drink, we ended up playing a new game i got called, drink master says......... it was alot of fun! then we deicded at like 1 in the morning that we were going to perkins cause we were all hungry, well needless to say that was one interesting night. we almost got kicked out....... not just us but the entire back of the restaurant cause we were all rowdy as hell, but it was pretty funny! then our DD dropped me meg's and erik off at home, and i got home like 5 minutes before my hubby, so i was happy, cause if he would have come home from work before i got home, he wouldnt of been so happy!
yesterday was boring, and today i'm sick, but i dont have to go to work til wedsnday so im in a good mood over that teehee!

but my hubby and daughter want me to make some pancakes, so thats what im gonna do! nummy, chocolate chippy pancakes! lol

have a good monday all!