Okay I have a couple reasons for feeling like crap.

I broke up with Luke last week. I know how much he liked(s) me and I feel really bad. And I am hoping people won't start to hate me because I know a lot of you are his friends. Him and I still talk everyday and we're still really good friends. But I still know I hurt him and I'm always going to feel like craap for that. Especially since he knows why I broke up with him. My ex bf (well I guess not ex anymore) wanted to start things again. And I still love him even after all he's put me through so I said ok.

The other reason I feel like crap is because my bf is acting like we're friends. The way he talks to me and stuff. We kiss now and he'll hold my hand sometimes. And sometimes he even looks at me the way he used to, which is why I always forgive him for anything he does. Everything seemed to be getting better on saturday. We hung out and it seemed like he was finally acting like he really wanted to be with me. Then Sunday I didn't get to see him but we talked on the phone and he seemed like he missed me. But he forgot to come see me yesterday after school. And he didn't even apoligize. He went to sleep when he got home and when I told him he was supposed to come see me all he said was "well, I don't know what to say." And he only text me saying I need to work on my permit and school. We kinda got into a little tiff about that but then I apoligized. Since then he's been ignoring me. He didn't call me when he got home and he stopped texting me. I don't know what his problem is. He's changed his mind about us so many times and if he does this again... I dunno. He just has this control over me and he knows it. I do anything for him and I hate it. I don't know what to do.